About the book: 


Most of you will have heard, or been told, that addiction isn’t something you can recover from. That once you have identified addiction as something that you suffer from, you’ll live with it for the rest of your life. You may have also been told that you will always be fighting addiction and will never be cured of it. Always be in recovery. That now that you have admitted to addiction, you will be chained to a life of daily meetings, AA, NA, sponsors, and never-ending step or group therapy work or you will die from your disease. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it?  

In 1939 a book was published that provided a simple platform for working through suggestions that lead to spiritual awakening. On the inside the front cover of the book it reads that this is the story of how thousands of men and women have recovered. A pretty bold statement, wouldn’t you agree? It doesn’t say anything about non-stop support meetings, never-ending 12 Step work, staying sober only one day at a time, needing to call a sponsor every day, endless reading, asking God to keep you sober just for today, being in a process of recovery for the rest of your life, never to be cured of addiction. NO, it just says: We“recovered”


a.k.a “cured.”

Even if you don’t believe this right now, isn’t it worth exploring? After all, other diseases are curable. Why should addiction and mental health be any different? Ask yourself: “If I was diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, or Alzheimer's today, would I seek a cure or accept the idea that I was just going to have to live with the disease, fighting my recovery from it until the bitter end?” 

Would you accept that something like cancer cannot be cured? Or would you research, educate yourself, attend support groups, seek treatment until you found the right answer for a cure? Why is addiction different from any other disease or mental health issue? Why would you ever believe that it is incurable? Is it because that’s what they tell you at meetings? That’s what a sponsor told you? Is it because you heard this from an individual who has no formal education, professional license, or experience to be able to diagnosis such a terminal disease? Are you really going to believe this nonsense?


In 2003 I made a decision that somehow some way I was going to change my life. It took me another seven long years of suffering, quietly attending AA meetings, losing everything, ending up homeless, and on deaths door before I would find the answers to these questions and a cure for my addiction in 2010. One day I actually read what it said on the inside front cover of the book that I started to read years before about spiritual awakening. What I had been reading during those years of suffering, was actually just a story of how thousands and men and women had recovered from addiction. How they had been cured. At that moment, I felt a tremendous amount of relief and hope. It should give you hope too. 

What I found in the process of going through these simple suggestions, was that each of them had specific promises of hope written within them. They started with a process of admitting to yourself where you are at today and who you are. Although the book as it was written is difficult to understand, I found 12 specific promises that lead to my own spiritual awakening and cure for my addictions. This book explores each one in the powerful promises leading to a spiritual awakening and creating a change in the way we think. I hope you find it insightful and useful in your journey to freedom. God bless..